Welcome to the Goto Islands, the islands of prayer.

Here, light pierces through the silence.
Here, vibrant energy pulses in harmony with nature.

Here at Retreat Ray, we offer unique experiences,
that allow you to feel the energy these islands have to offer.
Designed to open your senses, and bring true awareness
to your mind, body, and spirit, restoring you to balance.

Our body and facial treatments incorporate the
essence of the Camellia trees that have grown native
on this island since ancient times.

Enjoy our many treatments, including our Vichy shower treatment,
which uses water pressure to stimulate circulation of your body.

Hours of operation: 10:00 – 21:00

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Blessings of Water
Vichy Rain Shower

The blessed rain from the heavens is also the source of life, of purification, that washes away everything, leaving behind only beauty. Our Vichy rain shower helps to encourage the flow of water through your body, leaving your body and mind as clean and brilliant as a rainbow after the rain. The pressure of the shower is applied evenly throughout the body to help support blood circulation, help your muscles relax, and strengthen your immune system. Recommended for those who suffer from swelling, stiff shoulders, or those recovering from a cold.

Blessings of Plants
Herbal Raindhara

A raindhara with warm herbal water, filled with a bounty of plants grown here in Goto, Nagasaki. This treatment is applied from the center of your forehead downwards, relieving stress and luring you towards relaxation.

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Rejuvenate yourself at our spa as you bask in the elegant fragrance of wild Camellias that have grown free on the islands since ancient times, and other herbal wonders sourced from the Goto Islands and Nagasaki–our original aroma that was inspired by the land itself. Our treatments restore and refresh stagnant energies and relieve you from the stress and worries of everyday life. From our ON&DO facials and our lineup of Vichy showers, we promise a truly special spa experience.


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Made with island Camellias

There is beauty in all living things, and in our search for the essence of that beauty, we came across the Camellia trees of the Goto islands. It is a plant with an exceptional vitality, that grows abundantly on the steep island slopes, unaffected by buffeting sea winds, the changing of seasons, and even the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun. In 2020, ON&DO was born, to help bring that unflinching strength and beauty to others.

In our pursuit of vital beauty, our focus became the temperature of our skin. ON&DO believes that beautiful skin is healthy skin, the result of having harmony between your body and mind, the warmth of which is an indicator to how healthy you truly are.

In today’s society our skin faces the dangers of ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pollution, irregular lifestyles, complicated relationships and unbalanced diets. ON&DO is our movement to create a wave in the opposite direction, to focus and create a positive movement towards beathy and beautiful skin.